History Bedeur

The Bedeur brand was established in 2014. Armed with an extensive experience in the art of bed building, founders of the brand were driven by a desire to uncover the secrets of perfect sleep and to provide high quality services on the luxury bed market. Bedeur beds are one of a kind; individually designed embodiments of healthy sleep, perfected by unique services.

The company is headquartered in Freiburg, Germany, a city situated on the Swiss-French border. Influences of both nations are much palpable here and they are similarly reflected in the face of the brand. The philosophy of Bedeur is Swiss thoroughness and craftsmanship merged with the casual elegance of the French.

Bedeur beds are handmade by the best and most experienced carpenters, upholsterers and seamstresses. Inspiration by Swiss craftsmanship is present in every part of the bed. Hand production permits perfect control of every step while delivering unequivocal exclusivity.

First class luxury sleep

First class luxury sleep

Our mission is to pamper you by providing first-class sleep. That is why we take the path of blending the best of traditional crafts with the most recent research, the way of constantly developing and improving our beds.

As a result of this approach, our beds allow you to discover luxury you have never experienced before, along with top-notch care tailored to your personality. This is what we believe to be the true legacy of Swiss thoroughness, as well as the future of healthy sleep.

The story of the Bedeur brand is the story of
"First class luxury sleep".

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