Beds that adapt to you

  • Headboard

    You can choose from three kinds of headboards in several diferent adaptations or design your own headboard.

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  • Fabrics

    We ofer hundreds of diferent fabrics. We will gladly show you the swatches during a visit to our showroom.

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  • Toppers

    We produce six types of toppers, three with an inner layer of horsehair and three with unique natural rubber.

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  • Mattress

    You can choose a mattress from the range of Bedeur models I., II., III. and IV., in a variant with springs or rubber.

  • Boxes

    As with mattress, you can choose from six types of boxes from the Bedeur model series.

  • Legs

    Your new bed can stand on four types of wood or on three types of steel legs. We will also happily produce customized legs.

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A first-rate bed reflects the uniqueness of the person who sleeps in it. Build your Bedeur bed so that it fits you like a superbly tailored suit.



Headboard is the face of a bed. It speaks of its spirit, as well as your personality. It defines your sleeping space and has a significant impact on stability of the bed.

We have created three basic types of headboards, which we modify by upholstering and covering them with a fabric or highlighting their wooden base. If you would like to, we can produce a tailor-made headboard. Likewise, an alternative without a headboard is possible.

Upholstery fabrics

Upholstery fabrics

The importance of a fabric for a bed can be compared to the importance of skin for humans. It determines its appearance and defines the overall feeling of your bedroom. It grants you the feeling of tenderness and allows your bed to breathe.

We offer hundreds of different fabrics, purely natural textiles, materials made of synthetic fiber and leather. Special non-flammable fabrics can be used for hotel beds. Families with children are also on our minds, thus we offer the Bedeur Home magic fabrics. If you would like us to upholster your bed with a swatch you have chosen elsewhere, it can also be arranged.

Malleable toppers

Malleable toppers

Surrounding your lying body, adapting to its shape and providing your sleep with tenderness, the topper serves as a crucial mediator between you and the mattress. To prevent the topper from pushing you, we exclusively use cotton taffeta. The sides are hemmed, which ensures uniform distribution of the inner layers of materials.

We offer three types of toppers with horsehair. Another unique solution in our offer is to replace the horsehair with natural rubber.

Stable legs

Stable legs

Legs provide the bed with stability. They permit the air to access the bottom part of the box, allowing it to breathe. Quality of the legs is essential to the overall durability of the bed and your comfort. Their form also determines the overall height of your bed.

Our offer includes four variations of handmade wooden legs and three types of steel legs. If you have your own idea about what your bed should stand on, we can produce legs according to your wishes.