The body of each bed consists of four basic elements: headboard, box, mattress, and topper. Precise handwork gives it a soul. The making of Bedeur beds is an art that allows us to accommodate all your ideas of a perfect bed.


The headboards is the face of your bed.

It talks of its spirit and defines the sleeping space. Our three basic types of headboards are modified by upholstery, fabric cover, or by highlighting the wooden base, and you can choose from up to thirty variations thanks to different designs.

Upholstery fabrics

150 colors and patterns.

The fabric is the face of the bed, and completes the overall atmosphere in the bedroom. In our showrooms you can choose from many kinds of designer upholstery fabrics. Cotton, satin, wool, or other upholstery designer fabrics in more than 150 shades and patterns.


The topper is the middleman between you and your mattress.

As the topmost part of a continental bed, it creates support for the body and highlights the properties of the mattress. It adapts to the shape of your body and makes your sleep comfortable. We have four types of toppers with horsehair or 100% natural rubber.


Legs give the bed stability and their quality is important for its overall lifespan. The legs are made from a sturdy northern oak or steel. You can choose the height, shape, and color of the legs.