Bedeur beds are made of natural materials selected with an emphasis on proven origin and environmental friendliness. Real gems that guarantee a long bed lifespan and the absence of allergens.


The production of silk was a state secret of the Chinese for 2,000 years. Silk is the essence of beauty, serves against the aging of the skin, but most importantly, adds freshness and lightness to your sleep.

We work with 100% pure, highest quality rubber, traditionally and sustainably harvested in Guatemala. In addition to adapting to your body and keeping it in the optimal position during sleep, it repels dust and has antiallergic and antibacterial properties.



These hollow fibers are one of the most durable natural materials with the ability to absorb moisture and ventilate it afterwards. They provide the bed with lightness and airiness, making the mattress dry and flexible for a longer period of time.

Lightness, natural softness, and durability have made cotton a favorite material for thousands of years. Absorbency is one of the key traits of Bedeur beds, ensuring a comfortable sleep without excessive sweating throughout the night.



Each spring in our mattresses is individually wrapped in a bag. Thanks to this, the springs move independently and provide perfect support for your body in every position. Swedish steel is also a guarantee of long bed lifespan.

In the region of the Fertile Crescent, sheep wool proved to be the perfect natural thermoregulation as long as 11,000 years ago. It increases airiness and repels mites and moths in our mattresses



Scandinavian pine wood has ideal prerequisites for use in the production of beds. In the harsh but clean environment of the Nordic forests, the trees grow slowly and their wood acquires a unique combination of strength and flexibility.

The treasure of the Himalayas. It is characterized by softness unparalleled among the natural materials. The rarity of cashmere enhances its exceptional thermoregulatory properties - it can warm you up in the cold and cool you down in the heat.


Talking about sleep is important

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