To have a product that is both beyond the standard, and exceptional in quality, has long surpassed the list of requirements from a demanding customer. Today, we expect that sales associates can correctly figure out our preferences and that they can tackle even the most demanding requests to make dreams come true. Ideally, they can create this with a quality that delightfully surprises clients.

This trend is not only notable in high fashion, luxury cars, watches, or vacations. In terms of luxury furniture, the German brand - Bedeur - has brought this level of quality to the table. Creators of natural continental style beds, they are unique in the business due to their addition of personal First Class services. These services directly reflect just how determined they are to understand each of their customers and exceed their expectations.

"Individual approach is what we represent."

The sale of care does not end

As the first brand in the segment of premiere furniture, we introduced a concept and employed our philosophy, which is the simple fact that we don’t stop at just the sale of beds. In addition to the purchase of a bed, every client automatically receives the complete First Class services package, through which we help take care of the bed during the on-coming years. There’s no one else on the current market that provides not only such a wide range of services but also proactively approaches a client’s needs to provide an unlimited individualized product, within the same price range.

Sleep for the exam

Depending on which bed model is chosen, there is a range of 10-25 custom services wherein the client can claim the benefits as the need arises. For example, if the customer would like to experience sleep in a Bedeur bed before their purchase, then we are able to deliver one of our beds to their home for a limited time, so that they may see what it would be like in the comfort of their own home.

Helpdesk designer

Since our clients have a say in the appearance of their Bedeur bed, often times they’re not sure if their choices will perfectly suit the interior of their home. As a result of this, we are happy to provide an interior designer to assist them in making all the right aesthetic choices.

Services for the future

Within our most popular services fall the refreshing of toppers, cleanings, moving the bed from one home to a new one, and also changing the stiffness of the mattress. As life changes, you never know what’s to come your way, and so for example, pregnant mothers might need an adjustment to the stiffness of their mattress, and we are happy to help.

As modern people, we change with the times, and so often times clients might re-do their bedrooms, and in this case, we can re-do the look of the whole bed as well.

Tailor-made advice

During a client’s consultation, we try to provide amazing service. Our consultants are experts in healthy sleep, therefore they guide clients through all the criteria that the clients need to consider in choosing the right bed. People often come to us in search of the hardest mattress, that we have of course. After analyzing their activity throughout the day, along with their height, weight, and favorite sleeping positions, together we are able to figure out that maybe in fact they need the middle stiffness or even the softest. Another fact to consider is, a continental bed made of natural material has completely different features than artificial beds. It’s also important that clients try all the levels of stiffness in our showrooms so that we may observe what it does to their spine. It’s all about the individual approach.


You can find Bedeur beds in our Prague showroom, at 41 Vinohradska, and in Brno in the Interior Studio Symersky at Hněvkovského ul. 81b.

Prepared by the editorial staff and Bedeur

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